Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random Blu-ray News

While I’m eagerly awaiting the price to go down for Sherlock: Season Three, I noticed some other good stuff coming to Blu-ray, some of them for the first time. 


I’m certainly excited to see both Double Indemnity and Touch of Evil, two noir classics coming to Blu-ray (both on April 15). I’d love to see more noir films get the Blu-ray treatment, including Out of the Past, The Asphalt Jungle, Gun Crazy, They Live by Night and many more. 


In the “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” department, we have The Old Dark House Mystery Collection, which includes 24 films, none of which is a film called The Old Dark House (a film I’ve been waiting for years to come to Blu-ray). Go figure. But horror fans be warned: these are all public domain films (which is why the aforementioned The Old Dark House is not included), all presented in 480p. The only reason to get this in Blu-ray is for purposes of storage: one Blu-ray disc compared to 6 DVDs. I’d probably pick it up at a 50% off sale, but not otherwise. 

And while I really enjoyed Garden State (for one scene in particular), I doubt I’ll buy it when it comes out on March 4. 

What we don’t know is when a slimmer, non-barrel, non-apron edition of Breaking Bad: The Complete Series will arrive on Blu-ray. There’s a region-free version being sold now on Amazon, but it looks like there are some shenanigans connected with it. So I’ll just wait, thank you. 

In the meantime, I’m marathoning the second season of House of Cards

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orangerful said...

"Marvelous and Fun. Heartfelt and Hilarious" -- I feel like the person reviewing "Garden State" saw a different movie than me. While I agree it was heartfelt and had some marvelous moments, fun and hilarious would not be how I described that movie.

"Breaking Bad" is listed on as COMING SOON with that box art. I'm sure people are trying to sell fakes, but it looks like they are planning to release it eventually.