Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Criterion Titles for February

I always look forward to the middle of each month when Criterion announces it’s upcoming titles. In February 2015, I see at least two must-own titles, Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now (1973) and Martin Rosen’s Watership Down (1978). 


I saw Don’t Look Now in college and at least once since then, yet it still creeps me out in a major way. I really like the cover art for this new edition, but I confess to a fondness for the old cover with the ornately framed photo and the stream of blood that resembles a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. (I also secretly wonder if my red raincoat with a hood freaks people out...) 

I only saw Watership Down once when I was in high school. We’d just gotten cable and it seemed like the film came to HBO almost immediately after its theatrical run. I remember a grim, violent, yet beautiful animated film featuring the voice of John Hurt, whom I thought at the time was the greatest thing ever. (Maybe he was...) I was captivated then and look forward to seeing it again.  

So what are you looking forward to in February? 

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