Sunday, May 09, 2010

Let Your Dog Organize Your NetFlix Queue

It's early on, but my dog is becoming quite the critic. We've had Broadway a little over a month and he's already making his movie tastes known to us. A couple of nights ago I tried watching Superman Returns. About 20 minutes into it, he started whining, so I stopped the movie and took him outside for a walk.

Last night I watched another hour of the film before I got bored with it. Broadway was way ahead of me. He got off his bed in the basement (in front of the TV) and went upstairs to his much less comfortable blanket.

Yet he stayed with me for every minute of the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire (1987). (Maybe he picked up some German while he was racing?) I may just put him in charge of my NetFlix queue. I just shouldn't be too surprised if I see Space Buddies show up in the mail one day.

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Tom Moore said...

Our cats do a good job of helping our Netflix selections. Anything with birds or small furry things is fine by them. Favorite film "parrots of Telegraph Hill"