Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hard Times

These are tough times. I just read an article stating that the magazine Realms of Fantasy will be closing after its April 2009 issue. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction will be going to bi-monthly status starting with the April/May 2009 issue. There will also be no Year's Best Fantasy and Horror for 2009.

I also heard a rumor (which I hope isn't true) that The Washington Post is considering doing away with its Sunday supplement Book World, one of my favorite ways to pass the time.

All of this is, obviously, bad news for both readers and writers. I truly believe that good writing will survive, in both the short and long forms. But these trends are discouraging.

If you read, keep reading. Tell people about the good stories and novels you've read. Spread the word. As much as you're able, support good writing in all formats.

If you write, keep writing. Good writing will eventually find a home. Hang in there.

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