Monday, May 25, 2009

Collection Mania

Okay, it's seriously time to do something. My short story collections are out of control. Last night I went through my books picking only the collections that I have read nothing from. I only made it from A to C. Here are the collections I own, collections I haven't read a single story from:

60 Stories - Donald Barthelme

Where You'll Find Me - Ann Beattie

Collected Stories - Saul Bellow

Virtual Unrealities - Alfred Bester

Greetings - Terry Bisson

Best Ghost Stories - Algernon Blackwood

In for a Penny - James Blaylock

From These Ashes - Fredric Brown

Patterns - Pat Cadigan

Ghosts of Yesterday - Jack Cady

Where I'm Calling From - Raymond Carver

Werewolves in Their Youth - Michael Chabon

Fancies and Goodnights - John Collier

The Haunted Hotel and Other Stories - Wilkie Collins

Now granted, I didn't spend a lot for most of these books. Most of them were thrift store finds or library discards. Still, that's a lot of unread stuff sitting on the shelves.

So here's my project: I'll read at least the first story from each collection (probably the first two) and decide if it's something I want to keep. It seems most collections begin with the strongest story, so that seems a safe bet. I hate to see what D to Z looks like....

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