Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First Half Marathon

The Inaugural Maryland Half Marathon is history, but I don't feel like I'm history. In fact I feel pretty good. Cindy and I pretty much ran together the entire way, especially for about the first seven miles, which felt great. There was a huge downhill slope at about mile 5 which felt great, but we had to make up for it just before mile 11, just when we were (or at least I was) starting to get tired. But we made it. The race ended on the horse racetrack at the Timonium Fairgrounds (Of course we had to run by the horse stables first....). I'm a really slow runner, but when I rounded the bend I thought I saw that the time was two hours, fifty-three minutes and some seconds, but when I got closer I saw that it was 2:59! (I'd originally wanted to run the half marathon in under three hours.) So I sprinted to the finish. People were actually cheering!

All in all, a good day and a great race. The organizers did a great job, having plenty of water/Powerade, supporters, lots of food and drink at the end. (We even saw a greyhound.) Glad we did it. Thanks, Cindy, for encouraging me and helping me train! Now I think I'll have a pizza.

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Tom said...

running? Running??!! Are you mad? If Odin had wanted us ti run, he would not have invented bicycles!