Saturday, August 01, 2009

Books Bought July

Welcome to the bloated, completely out-of-control Books Bought installment for the month of July. Here are the books I bought last month along with their "justifications" of purchasing them. Remember that June was a pretty light month, so I had it coming. Here we go....


Airships (1978) - Barry Hannah

(These first two books weren't actually bought, but traded from store credit at a used bookstore. I'm including them anyway.) It's somewhat embarrassing admitting that, as a native Mississippian, I have never read Barry Hannah. I should have. I even went to graduate school with his son (an excellent guitar player). I set about to rectify this gross shortcoming by picking up a collection of 20 Hannah stories.

Trade Paperback; Price = $0

Aristotle for Everybody or Difficult Thought Made Easy (NF 1978) - Mortimer J. Adler

For years I've been wanting to dip my toe into philosophy. I've actually read a little, but felt like I was in way over my head. A couple of my friends who are conversant in all things philosophical recommended this book to me.

Trade Paperback; Price = $0

Illyria (2006) - Elizabeth Hand

Everything I've ever read by Elizabeth Hand has been outstanding and often stellar. I remember my good friend Kelly being very excited about this novella when it came out a couple of years ago, but I resisted buying it. Winner of the 2008 World Fantasy Award, Illyria will soon be expanded into a novel. I wanted to read it in the version that originally won the award, but found it sold out from the publisher PS Publishing. I was, however, delighted to find it for sale at Realms of Fantasy Books.

Trade Paperback; Price = $15.00

Impossible Stories (2006) - Zoran Zivkovic

Zivkovic, a Serbian writer, has had a devoted audience in the fantasy/horror field for years, but I'd never read much of his work before. I noticed that he has a new collection of stories (Impossible Stories 2) coming out soon, and thought I'd check out this first collection of stories translated from the Serbian.

Signed Hardcover; Price = $35.00

Avengers: The Kree/Skrull War (1971-1972)

Okay, I went a little nuts with the Marvel Graphic Novels this month. Cindy and I stopped at the outlet stores in Smithfield, NC and I lost control. My good friend Trip and I were recently in a deep, philosophical (and spiritual, I might add) discussion of the Kree and the Skrulls, so when I saw this compilation from the early 70s, I jumped on it.

Trade Paperback; Price = $4.80

The Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 3

I'm crazy about Jack Kirby's art, and even though these reprints of FF #41-63 (and annuals #3-4) are in black and white, I wanted to reread the entire Silver Surfer/Galactus saga.

Trade Paperback; Price = $4.80

Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos

Used to own the originals; thought they were cool.

Trade Paperback; Price = $4.80

Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

Marvel? Zombies? How could I pass this up?

Trade Paperback; Price = $4.80

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1945) - Cornell Woolrich

This one has actually been on my radar for a number of years. Thanks to Pegasus Books for reissuing it and for my good friends at Daedalus Books for selling it.

Trade Paperback; Price = $3.98

Oxford Pocket World Atlas, Fifth Edition

My knowledge of geography is pathetic. What geography, you ask? All of it: world, country, state, county, street, you name it. I've been meaning to work on an attempt to literally get a grip on the world, now I have no excuse. (Boy, China's pretty big, eh?)

Trade Paperback; Price = $4.98

Seven Famous Greek Plays - Whitney J. Oates, ed.

Another chapter in the Self-Improvement area of my reading. I thought this would be a great way to revisit some of the classics I read/missed/slept through as a younger man. Although I just read Matthew Cheney's Amazon review that the antiquated translations make this anthology disappointing. I'll struggle through it anyway.

Mass Market Paperback; Price = $3.98

Before You Were Mine (2007) - Maribeth Boelts, David Walker

This is, as far as I know, the first children's picture book I've ever bought for myself. No, I don't have children, but I do help lead children's storytime at the library and thought this might be a good one to use in the future.

Hardcover; Price = $4.98

Total Expenditures for July = $87.12

Next time: the stuff I actually read


Unknown said...

Heh. You should check out my posts on Aristotle's Nichomechean Ethics and
Poetics. I give the main ideas of two Aristotle's most important books in five minutes reading.

By the way, what books would you recommend for someone trying to make sense and get into Classical Music?

Andy Wolverton said...

Thanks, Eric! The best book I can think of is Aaron Copland's What to Listen for in Music. It's a very short good geared to the beginner. Then just start listening to a lot of different stuff from a lot of different periods and see what you like.