Saturday, January 09, 2010

Book Loot

Well, the holidays are over, most of us have been back to work for awhile, so now it's time to reflect on what's really important. That's right, Book Loot. Here are the books I received for the holidays:

I'd never heard of Nicholas Carr until recently, but from what I've read, he has an interesting perspective on technology and culture. I've dabbled into Big Switch and have had a tough time putting it down. I can say the same for Jeff VanderMeer's Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st Century Writer. Lots of great stuff in here, but I'm reading it in bits and pieces as not to get overwhelmed. (Thanks, Dave and Cher!)

I don't always agree with him, but I do enjoy Roger Ebert's writing. I'm already over 100 pages into Awake in the Dark and am delighted to have received it. (Thanks, Jan and Pete!) High Wire by Peter Gosselin is actually not a Christmas present, but Cindy's dad read it and thought I'd like it.

I've been coveting the ESV Study Bible (Is it right to covet a Bible???) for quite some time, so I was delighted to get it for Christmas. This is a beautifully put together Bible with study aids, cultural references, maps, just all kinds of stuff. (Thanks, Cindy!)

I decided to take advantage of the Small Beer Press sale (which is now over), an effort to raise money for the Franciscan Children's Hospital in Boston. I also decided to try two authors I've never read - Cloud & Ashes: Three Winter's Tales by Greer Gilman and Hound, a mystery by Vincent McCaffrey. These two and the next two books were sort of presents to myself, so I didn't take a look at them until after the New Year. (Well, not much of a look...)

More from the Small Beer Press sale, Benjamin Rosenblum's The Ant King and Other Stories and A Working Writer's Daily Planner, a really nifty and inspiring planner/journal that I've been using since Jan. 1. I highly recommend it.

Okay... Tell me about the books you got. (You did ask for books, didn't you?)


John said...

Madeleine got me a hardcover version of The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, and I also got a B&N gift card so I can get the new Bernard Cornwell novel when it comes out on January 19. The haul was smaller than usual this year because I deliberately asked that I not receive all books, as I have been unable to make a dent in the ones I have but have not read. Hopefully next year I'll be back to more regular overconsumption of reading material.

Unknown said...

I didn't get any particular books, but my girlfriend got me a $40 Amazon gift certificate and my parents got me $50 worth of Barnes and Nobles gift card.

I haven't figured out quite what I wanted to buy yet.