Friday, July 04, 2014

Movies Watched in June 2014

June was a sad, sad month for movies, perhaps an all-time low. My excuse? I did read a lot in June (33 books and graphic novels) and I watched probably three seasons of Breaking Bad with my wife (her first time; my second). So here’s the very short list:

The Invisible Man (1933) James Whale [Universal Monsters Collection Blu-ray] (2x)

You can read my full review here


The Lady Vanishes (1938) Alfred Hitchcock [Criterion Blu-ray]

One of Hitchcock’s final British films before coming to America, The Lady Vanishes takes awhile to get going and dwells on some establishing scenes a little too long, but once the train gets moving (literally and metaphorically), the film is quite a treat. 

While traveling by train, a young English woman (Margaret Lockwood) meets an elderly woman named Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty), who mysteriously disappears. Stranger still, no one on board has any recollection of Miss Froy. Extras on the Criterion Blu-ray include:

Audio commentary from film historian Bruce Eder

Crook’s Tour (1941), an additional feature film starring Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne, who reprise their roles as Charters and Caldicott from The Lady Vanishes

Excerpts from the 1962 famous Truffaut/Hitchcock audio interview

Mystery Train, a video essay about The Lady Vanishes by Hitchcock scholar Leonard Leff

New essays by critic Geoffrey O’Brien and Hitchcock scholar Charles Barr

The usual gallery of behind-the-scenes photos and promotional art


The Cooler (2003) Wayne Kramer [DVD]  

Previously discussed here


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