Friday, April 03, 2009

Books Read March

Me, the Missing and the Dead (YA 2008) - Jenny Valentine

The Adoration of Jenna Fox (YA 2008) - Mary E. Pearson

The Little Sleep (2009) - Paul Tremblay

Faceless Killers (1991/2003) - Henning Mankell

Outliers: The Story of Success (NF 2008) - Malcolm Gladwell

The Castle (1922) - Franz Kafka

Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life (NF 2008) - Colin Duriez

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment (NF 2007) - Tim Challies

Newes from the Dead (YA 2008) - Mary Hooper

Snow Falling in Spring: Coming of Age in China During the Cultural Revolution (YA NF 2008) - Moying Li

No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row (YA NF 2008) - Susan Kuklin


John said...

Your thoughts on Henning Mankell?

Andy Wolverton said...

Interesting, more slow moving than your typical American police procedural (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but a good read. Some of the social commentary I thought was a little too heavy, but overall enjoyable. I'd probably read him again.